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BuyPaddleMedium grip, weight
BuyPaddleGraphite with small gripKathy Otis
SellPro-lite/Selkirk Pickleball PaddlesGreetings from Marty Smith and Tim Camden,
As many of you know and a few may not, we are co-owners of b.f. Pickleball paddles
We have probably supplied close to 75% of the paddles to our members here in the Cape
Fear region and in Brunswick County.
For your new paddle purchase please let us know how we can help. We offer all the lines that
Pro-lite and Selkirk offer at a fair cost effective price to you.
Pro-lite is still the number one selling pickleball paddle in the USA and new paddles range
from $54 to $90 bucks
Selkirks range from $65 to $100 bucks.
Plus we have demos at many of the Cape Fear venues and you can try before you buy.
For more info. Please contact:
Marty Smith at: (703)928-1619 or Tim at: (910)599-7252
$54-$100Marty Smith at: (703)928-1619