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General Information:

  1. Your CFPC is organizing a Spring Mixed Doubles Team Ladder League to be played at Robert Strange Park courts (corner of 8th and Ann streets) in Wilmington. The league is scheduled to start in late February/early March and run through the end of May. League play starts at 6:00pm each Tuesday.
  2. Teams consist of one male and one female CFPC member. There are no age or skill level restrictions. League is limited to 24 teams due to court availability. There is a $5 entry fee per team which will be used for league awards and/or social activities.
  3. Each week groups of 4 or 5 teams, near the same “rung” on the ladder, are formed and play each other in a round-robin format. Teams typically play 3 or 4 games each league night. Team positions are updated after the results of each week, and are determined by using the percentage (cumulative) of points a team scores each game.
  4. A team may miss up to 2 league nights with no impact to their cumulative point scoring percentage. However, any team that has already missed 2 weeks will be assigned one point lower than the lowest score in their group for any subsequent weeks they are absent. For example, if on the 3rd week Team A is absent the lowest score in Team A’s group is 21/44 points, then Team A receives 20/44 points for that week. This rule prevents a team from improving its ladder position through excessive non-participation.
  5. Teams may arrange for substitute players as long as they are CFPC members. However, substitutes may only play for a team once during the season.
  6. New teams may join the league after the start date if space is available.
  7. Contact Mike Walz at or (910) 599-4970 if you are interested in joining the league or have any questions.

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