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CFPC Annual General Membership Meeting November 1st

Notice to all Cape Fear Pickleball Club Members:

The Cape Fear Pickleball Club’s annual general membership meeting for 2017 will be held on Wednesday, Nov 1 at 7pm at the Inland Greens Clubhouse at 6132 Inland Greens Dr in Wilmington. This is where we have had our last several CFPC social events.

There are two main reasons for holding this meeting: to elect new Board members, and to approve dues for 2018. We cannot conduct this business without your support – without at least 10% of the membership in attendance, the meeting will not be valid. So please add this event to your calendar and support your club on November 1st. Light refreshments will be served.

This year, there are five Board positions that are up for election. (There are nine Board positions in all. Each Board member serves a two-year term. The terms are staggered so that four Board positions are elected in even-numbered years, and the other five Board positions are elected in odd-numbered years.) The five Board positions up for election this year, and their nominees, are:

      President: Bill Bradford

      Treasurer: Jane Klippel

      Director of Training: Joe Reina

      Director of Social Events: Feri Nejad

      Director of Membership: Cindy Dovel and Grace Gilligan (running as a tandem to serve as co-Directors)

The Board has not yet come up with a recommendation for dues for next year. This year, the dues structure was as follows:

      Full year: $25 single/$45 couple/$65 family.

      Half-year (after July 1st): $15/$25/$35.

We expect the recommended dues for next year to be similar. Once the Board has developed its recommendation, we will forward that to you.

In addition to those two important items of business to be conducted at this meeting, each Board member will also give a very brief presentation of the highlights of his/her position from the last year.

Last year, this meeting ran for approximately one hour; we do not expect it to take significantly longer this year. We have also attached a proposed agenda for this meeting.  We look forward to seeing many of you there on Nov 1st!

Thank you.

Jeanne Login, CFPC Secretary

Kevin Chandler, CFPC President


Proposed Agenda